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Luke Graham

Web Developer

A husband and father I have been building websites since 1995. My HTML5 and CSS skills propelled me to hone skills in JavaScript, React.js, MySQL, Mongo, Handlebars, Node.js and more.

Organizations depend on me to deliver high-quality customer experiences. My positivity, attention to detail, and pro-action help to inspire people. I consider feedback a breakfast of champions and continually strive to increase my usefulness to others.

I value resourcefulness, optimism and dependability. I caught the travel-bug in 2016 and enjoy posting video highlights of my travels on YouTube. I have a great Instant Pot recipe for garlic chicken. My mission is to inspire others and help them enjoy life more.


Recent projects incorporating my web development skills.


Seat reservation webapp for churches. Incorporates React, Redux, Mongo, Material-UI, Nodemailer, Express

San Pedro Pres

Website for San Pedro Presbyterian Church. Build on Next.js, React and Node

Request Wheel

App helping churches coordinate content for their publications. Utilizes MERN (MySQL, Express, React, Node.js)

RB Community

Webapp for RB Community Church. Built on Express, Node, Handlebars, Contentful and JavaScript


Site for Walindwa Charitable Corp. Built on Express, Node, Handlebars, Strapi, Stripe and JavaScript


Helps people keep track of shared expenses. Built on React, Mongo, Express, Node

Babay Today

App utilizing Sequelize, Node.js, Express and Passport to log baby feeding, diaper and sleep events

Clicky Game

JavaScript based memory game utilizing React.


App utilizing Mongoose, Express and Handlebars to collect comments on stories from Macrumors.


App utiliting Handlebars, Node.js, Express, MySQL, Sequelize deployed remotely


Node.js & MySQL Integration app


Node.js Language Interpretation and Recognition Interface app

Multiplayer Rock, Paper, Scissors

Online multiplayer game utilizing Firebase's presence system, jQuery and Bootstrap


Webpage featuring API Integration & AJAX

Trivia Game

Game utilizing jQuery & objects

Star Wars RPG

Game built with JavaScript, jQuery, & Materialize

Crystals Collector

jQuery Based Memory & Addition Game

Contact Me

I'd love to hear from you.

email: luke.evan.graham@gmail.com
phone: (909) 556-9869